Dysmenorrhea basically means painful periods. It can occur when menses begins during puberty or it can occur later in life as a result of an underlying condition.

Dysmenorrhea is condition that is characterized by severe cramping and pain associated with menses. Dysmenorrhea is classified as either primary or secondary (Medicine, n.d.).

Primary dysmenorrhea occurs from the onset of menstruation and is primarily a lifelong condition. Symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea include severe and frequent menstrual cramping that is caused by abdominal uterine contractions (Medicine, n.d.).

Secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by physical trauma and usually occurs later in a woman’s life cycle. Secondary dysmenorrhea is usually caused by another medical condition that effects the pelvic area for example endometriosis (Medicine, n.d.).

For further reading . . .

Medicine, U. o. (n.d.). Dysmenorrhea. Retrieved from University of Chicago Medicine: https://pedclerk.bsd.uchicago.edu/page/dysmenorrhea





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