Angelica sinensis is a popular herb that goes by many names such as dong quai or female ginseng.

Angelica is not a new super herb by any means. It has been used China for thousands of years for the treatment of reproductive disorders (Pizzorno & Murray, 2012). Angelica root contains volatile oils that are active in treating reproductive issues such as amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

It has sedative properties that are especially useful for pain relief. For amenorrhea in particular, Angelica root Angelica sinensis has spasmolytic effects which normalize uterine activity and ease pelvic blood flow which relieves both pelvic congestion and menstrual pain (Pizzorno & Murray, 2012). This normalization of uterine activity may aid in overcoming amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea can be added to the diet quite easily.

Here’s a recipe for Angelica (dong quai) soup:

Dong Quai Soup

In addition to this there are also many supplements out there that can be added to the diet.

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