Getting Rid of Candida


According to Haas (2012) getting rid of candida overgrowth is really as simple as omitting sugar from the diet. The Anti-Candida diet operates under the assumption that sugar feeds the harmful yeast overgrowth that causes candidiasis. A common symptom of candidiasis is a craving for sugar and yeast which is exactly what keeps the yeast growing and wreaking havoc on the body. The Anti- Candida diet restricts the amount of sugar that a person may consume. In order to kill the yeast, you must starve it. For example, there is no alcohol, no simple sugars, no yeast and no processed foods allowed on the diet (Ehrlich, 2013).

This means no beer, wine or spirits as they have a high sugar content and beer also contains yeast.

No table sugar to sweeten your coffee.

No fermented foods such as olives, sauerkraut or kimchi. I know what you’re thinking, these fermented foods have good bacteria in them that could help. This is true. A lot of people consume kimchi and sauerkraut as a quick and easy way to get probiotics into their bellies. However, according to Haas (2012), fermented foods such as these contain yeast which is causing the problem. Haas (2012) does recommend probiotic supplements such as shelf stable probiotics in capsule form.

No breads that contain yeast.

And absolutely no processed foods. Processed foods tend to be higher in sugar and salt as they are used as preservatives to increase the shelf life of pre-package convenience foods (Insel, Turner, & Ross, 2013).

According to Haas, (2012) this also means no fruit, no fruit juices, sugary foods, refined flour products, cheese, vinegar and soy sauce.

Proper consumption of the anti-candida diet as dictated by Haas (2012) should result in increased energy, decreased craving for sugar and yeast, weight loss, and complete cessation of symptoms.


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