Candida albicans is actually a fungus in the form of yeast that occurs naturally in the body (Ehrlich, 2013). It is actually a normal part of the gastrointestinal flora. It is also found in the mouth and vagina. The presence of candida albicans alone does not cause candidiasis rather an overgrowth of the yeast can cause many problems within the body. Problems that usually occur with an overgrowth of candida include weight gain, fatigue, skin rashes, vaginal itching as well as creamy white patches found in the mouth or throat (Ehrlich, 2013). An overgrowth of candida is a very common occurrence and can affect anyone at any age. Children most often experience candida overgrowth as thrush, a yeast infection of the tongue and inner lining of the mouth (Ehrlich, 2013). Common symptoms of thrush include painful cracks located at the corner of the mouth as well as a creamy white patch that is usually found in the mouth or in the throat. Adults experience candida overgrowth as a vaginal yeast infection or a skin rash (Ehrlich, 2013).

So the question is what causes an overgrowth of this fungus? A compromised immune system is very susceptible to candidiasis especially persons with HIV/AIDs, diabetes, and psoriasis (Ehrlich, 2013). Consumption of antibiotics, corticosteroids, and sometimes birth control pills can leave a person susceptible to yeast overgrowth. There are several ways to combat candidiasis including various supplements and botanicals which I will cover in the next post. However, I’d like to begin by discussing diet.

For further reading . . .

Ehrlich, S. D. (2013, November 14). Candidiasis. Retrieved from University of Maryland Medical Center:



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