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There are few things more important than the fuel that we take in every day. The foods that we eat affect our mood and our body’s ability to function properly. The human body can function as a well-oiled machine if it is fueled with the right foods and plenty of water. So the question is what’s the right food? The answer can be as simple as you make it. All in all, whole foods such as leafy green vegetables, whole grains and nuts and seeds are pretty healthy for everyone. But, every person is different so it is important to take an individualistic approach to finding the right foods for you. This is where holistic nutrition becomes incredibly useful.

Holistic nutrition describes a way of eating that focuses on natural foods as a way to heal the body and protect it from harmful imbalances that can manifest into chronic disease (Micozzi, 2015). One of the core staples of holistic nutrition involves utilizing the foods that we ate as both prevention and treatment of disease within the body. The idea is that a healthy diet complete with whole foods can keep the body from falling into ill health. Consumption of a healthy diet promises a healthy mind and body. The focus of this blog is to nurture this idea of food as medicine. Throughout the course of this blog I plan to share my independent research of complementary and alternative methods of healing with a focus on nutrition, supplementation and the use of botanicals. I hope to use this a tool for myself and to promote health and well-being to my audience. Happy reading!

For further reading . . .

Micozzi, M. S. (2015). Fundamentals of complementary and alternative medicine. St. Louis: Saunders.




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